I’m Teresa Moerer.

Physical Therapist, author,
speaker, consultant, and artist.
I help individuals and
teams reach
peak performance
with my Experi-Age™

Let me tell you more…

I admit I love to win. And I’ll bet you do too.

My goal as a physical therapist is to help patients achieve optimal function. It’s not only my job, but I sincerely want them to win and thrive in their everyday life.

During my 36-year career, I discovered strategies and tools that worked well to promote peak performance. I took these techniques and put them into a framework. I call it Experi-Age™ because these experiences grow our brains, bodies, and spirits.

With Experi-Age™, my creative mind builds exceptional experiences to help individuals and groups develop multiple body systems, naturally propelling them to their highest level. And you can do this too!

How does it work? Your body and brain will work for you if you participate in these activities and exercises. So keep reading if you want to learn about this engaging and fun recipe for success.

Question: Do you want to win?

Answer: Of course I do! — Heck Yeah!!!

Let’s play this game to win!

Here’s what I mean.

There are principles to live by that improve the function of your body, brain, and spirit. I think by now in this information technology age, we have figured that out. But it can be confusing to know what to do to make life changes.

That’s where I come in. As a seasoned physical therapist of 30+ years, I have found and used these strategies and techniques that impact human development and performance. Believe me, they work! Let me help you get started with:

  • Nonnegotiable health strategies.
  • Exercises to improve brain plasticity.
  • A four-step method for constant growth.
  • One-on-one coaching to attain goals.
  • In-depth understanding of how to progress.
  • Proactive aging techniques and strategies.

My book will help YOU and YOUR AGING PARENTS live life to the fullest.

Achieve the happiness you desire by following a simple four-step method for proactive aging. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. You will see your health improve, relationships thrive, and optimal function in life and business.

Live your best life now!

I’m ready to coach, are you ready to learn?

Schedule a 20-minute free elite coaching call, now!


Ah, Teresa, if I could bottle you up and clone you…I’d be a millionaire, and not just materially!!

Keep being a blessing, and may it come back on you a ten-fold, a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold!!!

– Camille E.

“Teresa is a compassionate, driven leader who has the expertise and experience to guide her clients in unleashing their creativity so that they can realize their dream of being a profitable business owner.”

~ Amy Charland

“Teresa is a tremendous advocate for living life to the fullest at any age. Her work with assisting aging parents is brilliant! Her path to assist people to live to their fullest potential allows for healthy living in the moment redefining the aging process.”

~ Carrie Angrisani