I love to see people enjoy life! And I’m honored to have the privilege to help them : )


I have a unique program to coach you to your highest level. I love a puzzle and analyzing is my specialty. Whether it is your personal life or business that needs attention, I can give you the strategies and tools to succeed.

My book will help YOU and YOUR PARENTS live life to the fullest.

Achieve the happiness you desire by following a simple four-step method to proactively age. No more being satisfied with the status quo. See your health improve, relationships thrive, and your optimal function in life and business.


Therapists and health care professionals– you can’t miss this one if you want to expand your thinking and your practice.

Every patient deserves this treatment to improve their function and their life. Check it out!


This 6-week course helps you become a BOSS caregiver for yourself and others.

Learn how to proactively age so you can live life to the fullest while caring for others.

“Teresa is a compassionate, driven leader who has the expertise and experience to guide her clients in unleashing their creativity so that they can realize their dream of being a profitable business owner.”

— Amy Charland

“Teresa is a tremendous advocate for living life to the fullest at any age. Her work with assisting aging parents is brilliant! Her path to assist people to live to their fullest potential allows for healthy living in the moment redefining the aging process “

— Carrieann Angrisani

Ah, Teresa…if I could bottle you up and clone you…I’d be a millionaire, and not just materially!!

Keep being a blessing and may it come back on you a ten-fold, a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold!

—Camille Eldridge