Colorful Fun!

Did you know that participating in the arts helps your brain, body, and spirit? The act of creating provides many health benefits.

I teach people how to add art to their lives so they can help themselves live life to the fullest.

Using color and shapes that are stimulating to the senses wakes up your brain and helps you get ready to learn!

Build your creative muscles including your imagination.

Paintings by Teresa Moerer

Start creating your masterpiece today!

Can you see the forest from the trees?

I am not a trained artist. In high school, I took many art classes and realized that it was not a profession for me. But I loved to create and found art history very interesting, so I knew it would be a lifelong hobby.

Then almost 40 years later, I got the itch to start painting. I signed up for lessons at a community college and then hired a painting instructor to further my skills.

Although I like to paint abstract and impressionistic works, I also have a few realistic paintings I’m proud of.

My takeaway from this craft is that we all need to take the time to create something. It could be writing, arts, crafts, cooking, or productions. It is essential for your health and well-being. What do you want to create?

My art is for sale on the website below. You can purchase prints and products. Contact me
individually to purchase original paintings.


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