Teresa Moerer

Physical therapist, author, coach, speaker, and artist

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Something makes each of us “tick,” and I want to tell you what it is for me.

This fantastic time in my life happened because I have been following my dreams, hopes, and goals for many years and have come to a point where I can teach and mentor others.

All these years have not been a fairytale. There have been highs and lows and many in-betweens. There were many times when I had to cling to my beliefs and ideas as I went against the grain. They say you pay the price for being different, and I think that is true. I’m glad I never found the price tag out of my reach.

The lesson I learned was that if you build the muscle of resilience and hang in there, you eventually find a sweetness buried deep within you. And when you connect to this inner being, life becomes a trip in an open-top convertible driving toward the sunset.

So after a successful 30+ year career in physical therapy, struggling with a creative mind and an obsessive spirit for disruption, I came up with what I think is the best way to achieve the personal status you are gifted with and are dying to express.

Personal development is my thing, and I have stacks of books and articles to prove it! I believe that although there are principles to live by, creativity is a God-given gift and everyone should be using and expressing their unique talents. This form of happiness derived from personal development is a positive force.

So now, I would like to share the information I have researched, developed, and practiced so that you and your loved ones can share joy as you optimally function in life. In other words, let’s win at life!

I thrive being married to my best friend and supporter, parenting three children (now grown) with him, and entertaining myself with cooking, gardening, oil painting, and friends I consider the salt of the earth.

I am different and proud of it. If you are looking for an adventurous change, let me know.